Sunday, 27 January 2013

what colour is snow?

Snow… so much of it lately – and now the rain has almost washed it all away…
Its been so beautiful, I adore the way it changes everything.  Shapes of natural and made things look so different covered in snow.  The snow can suddenly highlight things as it covers them… The colours held within the snow are so varied, depending upon the light.   Walking out in heavy snow has an amazing silence that is rare to find, there’s a mysterious quality to it.  And shadows in the snow can form amazing patterns.
Tracks in the snow are wonderful – they tell a story of who and what has passed that way before you…  And the story is never complete, you have to play detective and use your imagination.

Things take on a different look against the snow – I’ve been drawn to the shapes of birds, twigs, gateways, trees and people amidst the snow.
Snowy tree-lined pathways have looked like Narnia, heightened by the snowy silence…
It doesn’t last long and I think the opportunities it brings should be embraced.  Get your snow-boots, thermals, hat, scarf and gloves on and see what you can find out there…

Also - doesn’t it just make you think of all those 1970s Christmas card photos that were dusted with iridescent glitter?!

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