Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's that time of year...  when ice, snow and frost sparkle in the low
winter sun, inviting you to touch and shape them... 
It's wonderful watching the discoveries children make as they explore ice and snow;  they are intrigued by the different properties of frozen water - it prompts really in-depth artistic and scientific experiments... 
We're busy investigating water with several year groups at Dunkirk Primary and are keen to use the possibilities offered by the freezing weather as much possible.  There's more information here:  
http://dunkirkprimary.weebly.com/dunkirk-allotment-latest-news.html   and more will appear soon.  Amongst other things we are busy conducting experiments into ways of keeping hot chocolate hot - the children wanted to know how the flasks work.

We’re also busy sharing our thoughts and discoveries about water (in all it’s various forms) with our partner schools in the Small Actions, Big Change Comenius Project.   I’m incredibly excited to be part of a group from Dunkirk who are visiting Finland in February, to spend time with one of our link schools - Rastaala School in Helsinki.  More news to follow soon.  


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