Friday, 4 November 2011

lanterns, candlelight and colour

I've been making lanterns with community groups for many years - and never cease to be inspired by the magic of candle-light and people coming together for a celebration.

The images above are from the Harby village lantern project which I've been working on for about 5 years; its so wonderful to see how children and adults in the village have explored their ideas each year.  They come to the workshops eager to make lanterns in the shapes of camper-vans, books, globes, kingfishers, worlds of dinosaurs, cup-cakes and so much more...

Its also a community event which feels very full of heart and a sense of family.  There's little light pollution so the lanterns are able to shine out in their own glory.

And there is something so magical and special about candle-light.  Roger Deakin, one of my favourite nature writers, talks about candle-light in his book "Wildwood", quoting Thoreau who said "electricity kills darkness, candlelight illuminates it".

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